15+ Stunning European White Oak Floors Design Ideas For Amazing Home

15+ Stunning European White Oak Floors Design Ideas For Amazing Home – BosiDOLOT

Today, people want their homes to look stunning both inside and out. They make every effort to make the place where they live presentable. There are several innovative ways to turn the house into an attractive location. The choices for each area of ​​the house are innumerable. From floor to ceiling design, everything plays a very important role in the look of a home.

In terms of flooring, there are many different styles and designs on the market today. However, choosing the one most suitable for our house is a very important task. Among these many different types of flooring, oak parquet is one of the best-known styles.

Why oak parquet?

The main advantage of oak floors over other types of floors is that they add class and elegance to the interior of the house. Although they are not available in so many designs and colors as the other floor options available on the market, they give the appearance of the room a refined touch.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a type of floor is the associated maintenance cost. A floor option that costs much less but requires frequent maintenance is considered unrealizable. For oak floors, the maintenance costs required to maintain the look of the floor are very low compared to other flooring options.


Durability is another key factor when it comes to flooring. Since the soil is a region in which people move, they are always exposed to heavy wear. And for the same reason, most floor coverings available on the market today do not last long. They are only meant for a few years. For oak floors, however, longevity is guaranteed. They can last a lifetime if properly maintained.


Although generally available in light brown color, they can be varnished in any desired color to match the other items in the room. They are available in two forms - solid oak and mechanical engineering oak. The most amazing thing is that, unlike tiles and other synthetic materials, they can keep the room warm in the cold.