1920’s Antique Qashqai Persian Rug-5’11” X 8’9″

1920’s Antique Qashqai Persian Rug-5’11” X 8’9″

Persian carpets are rightly the most sought-after carpets on this planet. They have a long history and are often associated with a luxurious lifestyle due to their premium quality and the care required for their manufacture. This makes it one of the most expensive rugs in the world and not everyone can afford it. For a layman, every Persian rug would look the same, but the truth is that every rug is different and has its own story. In this article I will tell you something about the different Persian carpet designs and their origin.

The designs:

Let's take a look at the different carpet designs

Aubusson carpets:

On our list are first the Aubusson rugs, whose origin could be traced back to the villages of Filleting in France. They are usually tall and come with a luxurious stack.

Bokhara Carpet:

In second place is the rug Bokhara, which originated in Central Asia and in remote areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They come in a variety of sizes, but the color stays the same everywhere. They have a solid background and consist of about 6-8 colors that repeat over and over again.

Chobi rug:

They were traditionally made in Pakistan. They are available in various sizes, with the color combination of this carpet has earthly and golden tones. They have symmetrical border patterns.

Gabbeh carpet:

Next is the Gaasbbed Rug on our list, which is located in southwestern Iran. It is usually large or medium in size and contains 5 to 8 bright colors as well as stripes and geometric patterns that give it a modern and refined look.


Originally from Pakistan and Iran with a variety of colors and sizes.

Kazak carpet:

Usually woven in Afghanistan or Armenia. They are available in different sizes and colors, with red and ivory being the predominant color schemes. They have motifs of animals, flowers.

These are just some of the different designs of Persian rugs that are famous and sought after all over the world. There are more than 50 carpet designs in Persian carpets, and to discuss them all, you would all have to sign up for a semester course with me. I hope you find the information in this article useful and know a lot more about Persian rugs now than before.