47 Einfache Ideen für den Arbeitsbereich Office Design – Dekoration 2019 Freie

47 Einfache Ideen für den Arbeitsbereich Office Design #arbeitsbereich #design #einfache #ideen #office

Are you tired of having the same theme as your home decor and would you like to give your home a new look? Renovating your home can also be done on a budget by implementing simple yet stylish design ideas from experienced interior decorators. Some of her tips are shared here.

- For your living room you can try to paint old pieces of furniture that are still in very good condition in a different color. It's far better to do that than throw it away or give it away. For furniture that is not suitable for your living room, you can give it away to dissolve your home. Throwing a few pillows on the furniture can also give a fresh, new look.

- In the kitchen you should change the knobs and handles of the cabinets. You can choose any new modern hardware as a replacement. You can also replace washbasin taps, repaint the cabinets, and create new shelves for your kitchenware. Consider upgrading your worktops for a whole new look.

- For the bathroom, it's great to look at the walls to update them. Remove old wallpaper and either replace it with tiles or new paint, purchase wall cabinets that create storage space, and consider adding a new shower curtain that fits the theme of your bathroom.

- For the bedroom, it is a good idea to first clean the room. Next, consider buying a very good piece of down comforter with matching pillowcases. This gives your bed a whole new look. Also change the mattress positions so that your clothes will wear evenly over the years.