76 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Those Blank Walls

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Decorating your house walls can be done either by an interior designer or by yourself. There are many DIY wall decor ideas that you can try. The key to addressing them is choosing the right idea that fits your existing interior design.

-A great idea is to cut out paper and shape it into cool nature pictures. You can place them on a frame like paper, whose color complements the cut out papers. Hang the new frame on your wall. You can also teach these art and cat courses at school and make a cool yarn mat that can be hung on the wall.

- Do you have a favorite quote that you would like to hang on the wall but that is only available on paper? No problem. Buy an antique decorative plate and write down the quote! You can use a large glue to stick the plate to the wall.

-For this life in apartments or rental apartments, it can be a good idea to print a mural of your favorite places, name a vacation destination and hang it on the wall. And for those with a variety of carpets at home, take a great piece and hang it up at a focal point on the wall. You can also make it more fun by making origami wall hangings in different shapes and colors.