9 Bathroom Ceramic Tile Ideas for Your Walls

navy blue ceramic tile in herringbone pattern on bathroom wall and floor

Soil ideas have paved the way for success in recent years. As wall-to-wall carpets are less popular, a solid floor is required. Except in living areas such as pantries, bathrooms and kitchens, or when driving carpets where carpeting is almost impossible, you will need extensive flooring to meet your needs. Flooring for each area is different from other areas. For example, motorists need sturdy tile floors because they are exposed to heavy traffic. On the other hand, you can enrich the dining room and living room with oak laminate flooring to get the look you want. It is quite possible that you use a combination of flooring for a home decor.

Trend ceramic floors

Ceramic tiles are made by compressing and cooling natural clay at very high temperatures. Ceramic floors with such tiles are very trendy nowadays. Not only does her cheap character make her much in demand, but other factors such as water and stain resistance, durability and availability make her the most desirable.

Colors for ceramic floors

You will certainly be pleased to know that you can now have your ceramic floor in the desired colors. White, Beige, Aqua, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Gray are just a few shades of the entire color spectrum. Now you can pick your favorite color ties and add extravagance to your environment by creating an eclectic look overall.

Sizes of ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles are available in numerous sizes. 18 * 18, 12 * 12, 7 * 20, 12 * 24 and 18 * 6 are some hundreds of available sizes. Tile sizes play a role; Big tiles in small bathrooms make it even smaller. The size of the tile should be comparable to the installation area. Large tiles are suitable for driveways and outdoors.

Installation, maintenance and cleaning

Some homeowners may try to lay ceramic tiles themselves, and this may be possible but not advisable. No matter how much time and effort you put into laying, you still can not give the flooring project the crisp and fine finish you expect from a professional. Ceramic floor is handy for maintenance and cleaning. You do not have to take extensive cleaning precautions. Just wipe it, vacuum and wipe it off or brush the surface, and you're done cleaning. You can further improve the cleaning process by using certain ceramic floor cleaners. The process is still simple.