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Alloy Delphinium Loom Knotted Bamboo Rug

If you want to start with Bamboo in your garden, try one of these ideas and if it works well, you can experiment with different breeds in different areas of your garden. We know that eco-friendly bamboo can be used for many purposes nowadays. From furniture to bedding and flooring to electronics, this wonderland plant has it all.

Whatever the season, it is nice to put our feet on a soft and warm surface when we wake up in the morning. For those of us who get up at one of those godless hours, being welcomed by a soft carpet will help to mitigate the harshness of those early morning hours.

Bamboo rugs:

Bamboo rugs (essentially flat wood mats) are a clever way to cover tiles when a hardwood look is desired. Consider bamboo rugs in high traffic areas, eg. B. right on your doorstep, since they can withstand years of wear. Bamboo fibers can withstand a lot of pressure and traction without showing signs of wear. Bamboo is a great material for large area carpets, small kitchen and bath rugs, and even corridors for runners.

If you are looking for a luxuriously soft feel of natural fibers, you do not need expensive alpaca or sheep's wool. 100% bamboo fibers are often compared to cashmere and silk and can be made soft and plushy or low and flat. If you are looking for the softest bamboo rugs, check out the range of shaggy rugs from the renowned Anji Mountain Rug Company.

Bamboo needs no pesticides and is naturally resistant to fungi and bacteria. This makes it one of the best alternatives for an eco-friendly lifestyle.


There are several benefits of eco-friendly bamboo rugs, but some of these are:

Bamboo rugs are durable, pliable, biodegradable, a clever option for allergy sufferers, etc. That is why it is widely used in Europe and us

How clean the bamboo rugs are:

Bamboo is very easy to clean in almost every state, be it fabric, hardwood, kitchenware or flooring, and bamboo rugs are no exception. When you pour a glass of red wine onto a white carpet, most people panic before frantically pulling out all the cleaners known to man.