Alphabet CL240904MDR Rug | Rectangular Indoor Outdoor Area Carpet | Flat Weaven Non-Slip

Alphabet CL240904MDR Rug | Rectangular Indoor Outdoor Area Carpet | Flat Weaven Non-Slip

On the market there are a variety of different types of rugs in different styles, textures, colors and materials. A wool rug is a good choice in this regard. It has the ability to enhance the overall beauty and appeal of your home.

Wool carpets come in a variety of styles and shapes and all have different characteristics that make them unique and different. Wool has long been used for a variety of purposes but has the highest priority among all carpet manufacturers. Wool rugs are durable and artistic, but you need to keep a few things in mind before you buy such a rug for your home.

Properties of wool carpets

Many people are unaware that wool carpets have high fire resistance. This is because wool has a relatively low burning rate that makes it difficult to catch fire. These properties make wool carpets a much safer choice for your home compared to carpets made from other man-made materials, which usually have a higher burn rate.

stain resistance

Most of the materials used in making carpets are very reactive to stains, but wool has a natural resistance to them. You can relate this fact to a wool garment that you own. They do not agree that woolen garments are very rarely chemically cleaned compared to other materials. This quality makes wool a very practical material for the production of carpets, as a carpet is constantly struggling with stains and dirt.


Wool fabrics are much easier to clean compared to other fabrics. Nobody likes to bother cleaning their carpets from time to time. If you own a wool rug, you would not have to go to the trouble of having to spend a lot of money cleaning your rug every now and then. All you have to do is just go with vacuuming or a usual sweeping. For small stains, you can easily clean your wool carpet with a damp cloth and a common detergent.