Amby Air Baby Hammock | Free Standing Baby Hammock

Amby Air Baby Hammock | Free Standing Baby Hammock

A baby hammock is a special, uterine-like bed in which even the most restless baby can fall asleep in no time. This hammock is perfect for newborns from the first day until the age of ten months. A hammock is the best choice, even for babies with colic or reflux. It is even better than a cot or crib, as it guarantees a long and restful sleep throughout the night.

Babies are generally cuddled and wrapped in the arms of the mother or father to sleep. After the baby has slept, you can put it in a hammock because the baby has the same warm and comfortable feeling on the mother's arms. It can be seen that babies are often restless and crying at night, but they are reassured by their own gentle movements that make the hammock jump.

A baby hammock is made to be easily adjustable both at the front and at the end of the sling. They can be positioned differently depending on the size and condition of the baby. The sides of the hammock are provided with a mesh material that allows the baby to ventilate with fresh air so it can breathe easily.

The material for making a hammock is durable organic cotton that is shrink resistant. It is equipped with a foam mattress, which serves as a solid and stable surface for sleeping. The steel frame is sturdy and durable and does not rust.

The spring and the crossbeam are made of a heavy metal that does not lose its strength. The best thing about a baby hammock is its light weight, which makes it easy to fold and take anywhere.