Antique Mixed Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Antique Mixed Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Regenerated flooring is the use of regenerated or reused flooring material; H. The flooring material you use is not first-hand but second-hand. The largest part of the recovered flooring is wood, which is rescued from old barns, warehouses and factories. Part of this wood can even come from trees that have been felled by storms, or for the purpose of urban expansion and dead trees. All this wood is salvaged for a more convenient use.

Advantages of using old floors

Reclaimed wood floors are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. These include:

  • Uniqueness - The majority of the reclaimed wood comes from very old wood, most likely from some very good trees, such as Douglas fir or Chinese elm. These have a grain, color and patina, which is not easy to find in newer trees.
  • Environmentally friendly - Reclaimed wood comes from already used wood, reducing the likelihood that more trees will be felled. This allows existing trees to grow and uses materials that are already available for recycling.
  • Adaptable - It is possible to construct most of the reclaimed timbers and use them in locations where new wood does not fit properly, e.g. In the basement. The top of the reclaimed wood can also be laminated.

Factors to consider

While reclaimed wood has become the most popular type of flooring for most homeowners over the years, there are a few factors to consider when you purchase one for your flooring project. For one thing, the stock of this type of wood is limited. Since most older buildings only lose weight every year, the supply of waste wood also decreases. For example, a homeowner will find that the wood he has bought today may not be available in three or five years, and may need to look for other options when it comes to extensions or repairs.

Another reason is that the choice of old wood looks just like the choice of newer floor coverings. The same factors as the quality and surface quality of the wood must also be taken into account in the case of recovered floors.

Cost of reclaimed flooring

You will find that the cost of reclaimed wood floors is slightly higher than for newer floors. Of course, this depends on the rarity of the wood species and the work involved in the processing of the wood.