Arbeitsplatten / Wandeinheiten. Hauptsächlich für den Backsplash gepostet, abe…

Arbeitsplatten / Wandeinheiten. Hauptsächlich für den Backsplash gepostet, aber ich liebe den Counter … #arbeitsplatten #backsplash #counter #gepostet

Wall units are shelves or cabinets that are designed to stand against a wall. They may call hanging cabinets furniture or modular shelving that can be enclosed in doors and wall-mounted as well as stand-alone units. These are used to stack books, CDs and other little things or as a small storage space.

Wall cabinets are now aesthetically designed to complement the overall look of your home. They are made of wood, MDF or cardboard, which are combined depending on the design with tempered glass. These units are manufactured in traditional and modern design with stained wood and nickel handles or metal surfaces.

Most of them are solid and can carry heavy weights. The best part is that there is no tangle, because they are designed so that all this is not visible. On the sides, an LCD with glass door displays can be stored. At the bottom of the unit you can store a DVD player or a collection of CDs.

Such wall cabinets are a stylish piece of furniture in which artefacts and photos can be stored. Wall units thus offer both visual comfort and functionality. A wall unit in your living room is an effective way to keep your electronics and other items that often overburden a living room.