Armstrong Take Home Sample – Standard Excelon Imperial Texture Classic White Vinyl Composition Commercial Tiles – 6 in. x 6 in.

Armstrong Take Home Sample – Standard Excelon Imperial Texture Classic White Vinyl Composition Commercial Tiles – 6 in. x 6 in.

Commercial tiles are one of the most durable and elegant floor coverings that can be used in the commercial sector. The installation takes a bit longer as the filling needs to dry. It is a good choice for you if you are building an office, a commercial building, a church, a school, a restaurant and a shop. Commercial tile floors are high quality floor coverings used in businesses and in industry. Commercial tiles are available in a variety of materials and are usually designed to offer a combination of durability, practical maintainability, visual appeal and cost-effectiveness.

Types of commercial tile floors

Common commercial floor types are vinyl and laminate, artificial stones such as ceramic tiles, rubber, concrete and carpet. Vinyl tiles (VCT) and linoleum are standard types of commercial flooring. They are dirt-repellent, durable and low-maintenance. They are also attractive and inexpensive, and very popular in retail.

Available in a variety of patterns and colors, they can be designed to photocopy the look of hardwood at an affordable cost. Nowadays commercial floors offer stylish options and remarkable durability. It is primarily more expensive than some other options, but has a long-term cost-effectiveness. One of the informal types of floor coverings used to store hygienic, glazed ceramic tiles, called quarry tiles, is regularly used in catering areas.

Notoriety of commercial tiles

There are many types of commercial tiles that are used for both commercial and residential applications. Commercial tiles offer one of the most environmentally friendly and cost effective flooring options. Tiles are made of natural clay and repeatedly made of other recycled materials. Commercial tile technology does not require the use of heavy chemicals or other harmful ingredients that are used to make other types of flooring. There are no seedlings that need to be reworked like hardwood floors, and the best part is that commercial tiles are hard-wearing and durable.

Natural stone in commercial tiles

There are many types of natural stone that are used in commercial tiles. Travertine is a beige natural stone and is used where a lot of water is consumed. Granite was used for worktops and they are inherently antibacterial and will not be damaged by water contact. Sandstone, which is extremely durable, feels grainy and looks like it. Slate tiles are enjoying increasing popularity due to their flexibility and versatility with a variety of variants.