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A carpet is a flooring that usually consists of two parts. a heap and a back. It is usually mounted on a floor above a padded base to provide some cushioning that sets it apart from carpets or mats. Floor coverings that are not fixed.

Carpets that cover the length of a room are commonly referred to as "wall to wall". If you want to furnish your home with a home carpet, you should first know a few things about it:

  • Types: These are some of the main carpet types available:

woven: Woven carpets are made on a loom. There are two basic constructions of piles; a plush or a Berber. In general, this is the most expensive type of carpet, as the production of these carpets takes a lot of time.

tufted: These are the carpets whose pile is incorporated in the carrier. The carrier is then glued to an additional carrier to hold it. Their durability makes tufted carpets the most widely used type of carpets for domestic flooring worldwide.

needle felt: The process for producing needle felt carpets is relatively durable. They are also the toughest carpets and are therefore used in commercial environments.

Flatweaves: Flatwoven rugs are created by vertical and horizontal stitches. They are usually used for decoration. Examples include the very traditional and delicate types of Persian-style rugs such as kilim and soumak.

Embroidered carpet: Not woven on a loom, it is a bit different than woven rugs. These rugs usually represent flowers and nature and give your home freshness.

Hook rugs: A hooked carpet is made by pulling one type of fabric through another, creating a web of fabric. These are usually sold as handicrafts.

Weaving carpets is a traditional art form that has great symbolic meaning from different parts of the world. There are Afghan rugs, Persian rugs, Pakistani / Indian rugs, Turkish rugs and Chinese rugs. All of these countries are known as "carpet belts" because of their extraordinary skills in weaving carpets. If you want to give your home a vintage look, it's traditional.

Now that you know the basic functions of the available types of carpet, it is easier to put that knowledge into practice. If you think you want to combine modern and traditional, add a touch of flair to your home by adding a traditional antique rug to your modern interior.