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Persian carpets and rugs are considered a very popular choice for home decor. They are the authentic representation of true ancient Persian culture and art. The real and most authentic Persian carpets are made in Iran. Sometimes you can find such carpets made in other countries like China, Turkey, Pakistan and India, but remember, you have to insist on something made in Iran if you want to buy authentic Persian stuff.

These exquisite carpets and rugs are in demand all over the world for their beautiful workmanship and attractive charisma. Iran earns a large part of its revenue from producing high quality items that are exported all over the world. The authentic Persian rugs and carpets are very unique and eye-catching, as with much effort such a beautiful piece of creativity is created. That is why they are very expensive and add a little luxury to your work or home. Before you start looking for a Persian rug or carpet, you must have some basic knowledge. Otherwise, you could buy a fake.

It's hard to tell if the rug is real or not

It is very important that you know the basics of original carpets before you look for them. As already mentioned, it must first be checked whether they are manufactured in Iran or not. There are a few other things you need to know. Some of them are discussed below.

Persian stuff is handmade

Authentic Persian carpets and rugs are made of Kurkwolle or natural silk. The most important thing is that they are handmade and nothing is ever done by a machine. In addition, the colors used are also extracted from natural substances.

Each piece is unique

Because they are not made in one machine in series, every single piece of Persian carpets is different from the others.

Get a certificate of authenticity

Persian rugs and carpets are expensive, and you may want to sell them in the future. It is therefore strongly recommended that you obtain a certificate of authenticity from the buyer to prove that your piece is authentic Persian stuff.