Badezimmer schwarz grau schiefer holz minimalistische badezimmer von conscious design – interiors minimalistisch schiefer

badezimmer schwarz grau schiefer holz: minimalistische Badezimmer von CONSCIOUS DESIGN – INTERIORS


Black wood flooring is a very attractive choice if you want to rebuild the floor in your home. It consists of a tightly grained structure and gives a great appearance. Unlike other common types of flooring available on the market, black wood flooring can look increasingly attractive over time. This feature is one of the many reasons why this flooring is used extensively by people around the world.

Easy to use

This type of wooden floor is not recommended in places where there is a lot of foot traffic, but it is used in many buildings because it is easy to use. As the name implies, black wood flooring is black in color, but not quite black. In fact, it's a mix of two different colors that are black and purple.


When it comes to grain, the black wood floor is known for its brilliant grain. It's available in a variety of unique designs and styles that make it look better as you age. In fact, the surface of the floor will become shinier over time. Black wood flooring also offers many other features that can not be found on any other wood flooring type. For example, it consists of a strong wood material with moderate density, low strength and average pressure and torque. In addition, these floors are characterized by dimensional stability.

Functioning properties

The functional properties of black wood floors are simple and easy to understand. It works very comfortably and easily with the help of machine tools and hands. It also requires the use of adhesives and nails. One thing you want to know about this type of flooring is that it has the ability to discolor easily as it dries up at a very gradual rate.

Other uses of black wood

Black wood is mainly used to make the famous black wood floor, but it also offers some other uses. It is also used in the production of cabinets, gates and various musical instruments such as guitars and so on. The reason for the so extensive application is that it is very durable and robust and can last many years.