Badezimmer selbst renovieren

our new bathroom: i like the combination of cold elements like white walls and grey floor with warm elements like wood and plants

The wood floor tiles are of great importance to any home, as they not only bring durability, but also give the interior of the house more elegance. A wood floor tile gives your home a luxurious look, a cozy touch and a perfect charm that never fades.

There are a variety of colors to choose from in this wooden floor tile style. For example, they are available in the following colors:

Anyone who wants to give their home the best interior can choose one of the above tile styles that best suits your home furniture and color scheme. The size of each wooden plank is 6 × 24 inches.

The shades play a crucial role in the overall look of your home, as the ash-ash creates a neutral hue that looks stunning with smoked-wood grain. While the sand style of the tiles ranges from light to medium brown wood tone and the wood style looks fantastic with its medium brown to dark brown color.

Another type of wooden floor tiles is a complete porcelain stoneware tile with the beautiful wood look. These are also available in three different color options, which are available in three different sizes. The sizes range from the following dimensions,

  • 8 x 32 inches
  • 6 x 24 inch planks

The wooden floor tiles are the best type of flooring for every room in a house. Here are some examples of wooden floor tiles ideas,


The living room is a place where guests are welcomed and entertained. This is the maximum used area of ​​a house. From relaxation to food, every kind of activity takes place in this room. Since it is the center of a house, the interior of this room should be excellent. For the flooring, the wood tile floor is considered the best available option.

Porcelain, linoleum or bamboo are the best choice for wooden floor tiles in the living room. They give the living room a shiny and cozy look. Wooden floor tiles make the living room more spacious and change the monotony of the ceramic floor.


This is another form of hardwood floor tiles that are cheap but reflect the entire wood picture. These are eco-friendly tiles and are best for those who can not afford expensive hardwood floors. Different shades are available for this type of flooring. The positive aspect of these tiles is that they are non-slip and relatively safe.