BEST PRICE… Size: 5’2 x 2’10 feet, Handmade Rug, Kilim Rug, Area Rug, Afghan Rug, Floor Rug, Moroccan Rug, Bath Rug, Office Rug, Old Rug

BEST PRICE… Size: 5’2 x 2’10 feet, Handmade Rug, Kilim Rug, Area Rug, Afghan Rug, Floor Rug, Moroccan Rug, Bath Rug, Office Rug, Old Rug by ZahidDesigns on Etsy…

Carpets come in different shapes based on styles, materials, colors, patterns, etc. But what really makes a carpet unique is the history and culture engraved in it. Afghan carpets are the kings of carpets in terms of their bold colors and detailed craftsmanship. It was easy to see the remarkable difference between modern mass-produced contemporary rugs and beautiful handcrafted Afghan rugs. The fact that the rug attracts attention at first sight says something about its stature.

What makes these Afghan rugs so unique? Let us dig into it.

The maker -

The Afghan rugs are special in a way that most are made by hand. There are also machine-made Afghan rugs. However, if you want something personal and unique, a handmade carpet is often suggested. They underline the craftsmanship of the weaver for whom they are known.

The weavers employ various techniques, such as adding crochet patterns to their carpets. It is this combination of different sewing techniques and weaving techniques that makes Afghan carpets unique. The handmade carpets are also quite durable in terms of years and last up to 50 years, compared to machine-made carpets that last up to 15 years. The Afghan rugs are culturally important, passing from one generation to the next.

The materials -

When buying Afghan carpets, there are a few things to keep in mind, and it is always recommended to get expert advice. One of the most important points to consider is the dye if the carpet contains natural or synthetic dyes. It is recommended to choose natural dyes because they have a deeper color effect and underline the craftsmanship of the rugs. It should be noted that these dyes should be handled with care, as they can bleed heavily when wet.

In addition to the dyes, weaving is the other important aspect of the Afghan carpet. These differ in the way you feel the carpets. In this case, there are some numbers that indicate the number of knots per square inch, whether the carpet is coarse or fine. This range goes from 50 knots per inch (roughly) to 350 or more knots per inch (very fine). Generally 120-130 knots per inch are enough, but this is more of a personal preference.

The craft -

Finally, the age-old debate over the choice between traditional and modern art. Modern art is something you can easily find. However, the effect of Afghan carpets lies in their heritage embedded in their carpets. Through a proper search, you can even find tribal rugs that are unique to a particular tribe or province.

These are some of the facets that make Afghan rugs so special. They are available in the US from some retailers and can also be purchased online. But you have to pay attention to tricks.