Blue 6′ x 6′ Casablanca Octagon Rug , #AFFILIATE, #Casablanca, #Blue, #Rug, #Oct…

Blue 6′ x 6′ Casablanca Octagon Rug , #AFFILIATE, #Casablanca, #Blue, #Rug, #Octagon

If you have an octagonal room, octagonal rugs are certainly best suited, otherwise they are not suitable for use in square or rectangular spaces. Most rooms, however, have a rectangular or square shape. Therefore, a little math is needed to determine if the carpet fits in your octagonal room. To get an idea of ​​the relative proportions, you must first calculate the total area of ​​the carpet and compare it with that of your room.

No rocket science is required to calculate the area of ​​your rectangular or square space, but it is a little tricky for octagon carpets. For a square or rectangular space, measure the length and width and multiply them to find the area. You can take measurements in feet as a unit of measurement. The following is a simple guide to calculating the area of ​​the octagon carpet.

First step

Lay the carpet flat on the floor. Tie a cord to the needle with a safety pin attached to the carpet and secure it to a corner. Hold the string tight by stretching it to the opposite corner and securing it with another needle.

Second step

Stretch a string between the opposite corners next in line in a similar way as in the first step. Continue this way until all corners of the octagon are completely separated from the strings that meet in the middle. The crossing strings form small triangles.

Third step

Use a tape measure to measure the length of the carpet between the pins and mark the center. Mark the distance from one of the pens to the center as point B. Measure the distance from the center of the carpet to the marker and label it H. Now, the triangle is divided into two right-angled triangles by the distance marked H.

fourth step

This includes the calculation of the total area of ​​the carpet. Use the formula Area (A) = 0.5 x B x H to calculate the area of ​​a single right-angled triangle. To get the total area of ​​the carpet, multiply the resulting area by 16, because there are sixteen such right triangles. In short, the total area of ​​the carpet is 16xA.

Now compare the area of ​​your room with the area of ​​the octagon carpet to see if the carpet is suitable for your room. In most circumstances, an octagonal carpet fits well in a square room than in a rectangular room.