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Carpet not only makes the house beautiful, but is also warm and soft, along with the extremely useful ability to trap dust and allergens in the room. There is no doubt that the soft feel of a carpet on the feet enhances the comfort of the rooms, especially the living room in which guests are entertained. There are a variety of carpet wholesale services that provide professional service from sample selection to installation and maintenance.


There are many carpet wholesalers offering a wide selection of rugs with different patterns and textures. There are many outlets that not only limit themselves to selling carpets, but also offer services such as room measurement and carpet assembly. In addition to carpets, these companies also deal with the design of the entire floor, such as vinyl floors, maple floors, etc.


The proper installation of carpets involves the following steps, which should be followed carefully.

First, the surface should be smooth, clean and dry. Professionals would take care of this aspect at the beginning of the work. Second, before installing the carpet backing, the installer will glue or nail tape to hold the carpet in place? The pad is then placed and fixed with glue or staples. Third, the lining of seams is done, which is difficult for patterns and easier for solid carpets, although professional installers can easily achieve this. Finally, the carpet is stretched by professionals according to industry standards.


These are the carpet categories.

Texture Design gives a velvety look that can be lightly textured or deeply textured. There is also a feeling of smooth yarn.

Loop design is a modern version of the crafting style. It gives the room a refined and elegant look.

The pattern design consists of cut and uncut loops with beautiful patterns.

Twist Design is a bright design and is graceful.


In times of the Internet, it is only natural that most carpet wholesalers do business through the websites. There are many outlet Web sites that display detailed information about the services they offer along with slideshows and photos of various types of carpet designs and flooring. The competition is intense and every company is trying to make websites and services as attractive as possible to their potential customers.