Caracella Teppichläufer Kongo in Rot |

Teppichläufer Kongo in Rot Caracella Teppichgröße: Läufer 67 x 1600 cm

Carpets for indoor and outdoor are not only beautiful, but also diverse. In addition, there are several types of these rugs on the market, and you must know that making the best choices can be very daunting and rewarding.

Marina Indoor Outdoor Rugs

These rugs are about many colors and limited patterns. They are carefully woven into sisal bonds, which are known to be very durable. They can be hand washed either in the machine or with water and a mild soap. This rug is perfect for indoor areas where there is a lot of use, for example in the kitchen or in the porch. In addition, they are pet friendly.

Maintain indoor-outdoor carpet

Regular vacuuming of your carpet, immediate treatment, removal of dust and dirt are some of the essential ingredients of a carpet care. In addition, these are factors that ensure that your carpet fulfills its purpose for a very long time.

To care for your indoor and outdoor rugs, make sure you vacuum the back and front of the rug once or twice a month. Vacuuming is important as it helps to push dirt that is buried deep in the carpet onto the surface.

To treat stains on your carpet outdoors

Be sure to remove the stains and stains as they appear. First, make sure the colors on the carpet do not run during the treatment process. Use a white, damp cotton cloth to confirm this theory.

The next step is dabbing the stain. Use a clean cotton towel and press firmly on the stain. Press the stain from the outside in. Repeat the process until you have absorbed all the moisture. Do not rub the carpet in a circular motion as it will damage the construction and fibers of your carpet.

Use the right products to remove the stains on the carpet

For example, mild stains and sludge on the carpet can be treated by vacuuming and blotting, whereas for stubborn stains, commercially available removers such as detergents may be required to disinfect the carpet and remove soils and products such as ammonia to remove stubborn stains.

If the stain is completely removed, rinse your indoor and outdoor carpet with lukewarm water and then dry with a fan. The carpet should never be allowed to dry under the sun, as the risk of deterioration is very high and this can damage your carpet. You also need to avoid drying the carpet on the floor.