Contemporary 161 area rug – 5’0″ by 7’0″ – 5′ x 8’/Surplus, Multicolor

Contemporary 161 area rug – 5’0″ by 7’0″ – 5′ x 8’/Surplus, Multicolor

Floors are important parts of the home and that's why people work hard to make them look beautiful. They do it in different ways. The first way is to choose the type of floor that complements the design and look of the room. Options like ceramic and marble tiles are good at this job. The second option is to use carpets that completely change the appearance of the floor.

They not only change the look, but also the feel. Carpets are also commonly used today to decorate the floors. There are a variety of carpets available in the market. All these differ in design and quality. Different carpet designs match different floor coverings. One of the most common carpets is Oriental carpets, which is one of the most magnificent carpets.

White carpet is one of the most popular carpets today. The quality, material and design of the rugs may be different, but white carpets look beautiful. No matter what type of flooring you use, white carpets will suit all types of flooring and floor colors. Whether you use black tiles or laminate, white carpets go well with them. Although it is difficult to protect these carpets from dust and dirt and to keep them clean compared to other colored carpets, the effects of white carpets on the environment and the beauty of the room are unequaled.


Carpets are important decorative objects that can change the look of the floor and thus of the room. Carpets are not used as an alternative to carpets. Their sole purpose is to beautify the place where they are kept. There is no specific space for carpets in a room. You have to work with your mind and consider your aesthetic sense in order to place it in a way that serves its purpose. Although white may not be the preferred color for decorative items, white shades in carpets have a completely different effect. This is probably due to its ability to combine with the carpet or floor paint it is used with.

What should I do?

Buying carpets is not difficult. There are hundreds of shops you can visit, but you need to make sure you get the quality you need. Quality or material compromises are a waste of money because the compromise destroys the purpose of the carpet.