Design Mistake #2: The ‘Too Small Rug’

Design Mistake: the too small rug

The bathrooms are more than just a place to wash. Over time, they have evolved considerably and become more appealing and comfortable. Now, they are your private place to relax for a while, escaping the rest of your hectic life.

People continue to work on how to make their bathroom more comfortable and appealing. In the bathrooms, you can use small rugs to make you feel comfortable instead of catching cold feet on the floor while walking. If you came out of the shower or just went to the bathroom to sit down, a nice rug will give you a better experience.


There are different types of bath rugs in the market in different styles, colors and sizes. You can take a carpet from wall to wall, a bath mat, a runner or a few small carpets. The last option is the most comfortable option and also offers the most attractive decor. Instead of using a wall-to-wall carpet, you can place several small carpets in places that will be used for a longer period of time. For example, you could use different rugs in front of your sink, toilet and shower. Such a decoration of your bathroom gives it comfort and warmth.

Different designs

Many different designs of small bath rugs are available on the market. You can choose the color and pattern to match the flooring and the rest of your bathroom theme. Be careful when selecting the carpet as you may want to buy something that is more absorbent and resistant to constant amounts of moisture. It is not recommended to buy delicate carpets because the bathroom is associated with a lot of moisture. A delicate carpet may not last much longer.

Where can I buy?

Small rugs are available in both retail and online retailers. You can go to any carpet store or super store to go through different types of carpets and buy the carpets that you find most appealing. Hunting such a rug over the internet is a nicer option, as web shops offer a much greater variety compared to retail stores.