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Weaving carpets is the prevailing culture in many Asian countries. The ancient history of Mesopotamia is about handmade carpets. It gives you the idea of ​​how old this culture was. A handmade carpet is always an excellent idea for the nursery.

Persian carpet

Today's Iranian and surrounding areas were called Persia in antiquity. The countries in which the rugs are woven are referred to as "carpet belts". Each handcrafted rug is the symbol of a particular tradition or tribe and explains its history. It can be a lifestyle, rituals, ancient kings history or other topics.

Isfahan rugs from the 16th century are very popular for their design and weaving. They are so famous that some of the pieces were kept as their treasure in the world famous museum. Each knitting center as a pattern and traditional style. Many tribes from different countries still use these rugs to satisfy their needs.

How to choose:

Once you've decided on handmade rugs, measure your house. Choose the color to match with other furnishings and the room color pattern. You choose either carpets for the entire room or a specific room. Handmade carpets are known for their high quality. So you do not make a silly decision to buy a low quality rug. Each handcrafted rug uses 100 percent pure natural material from a breathable sleep. The quality of the rugs is determined by the number of knots per square inch of the surface of a rug. For high quality handmade rugs, at least 450 knots are recommended and up to 750 knots can be processed.

Points to remember;

Here are some important points to consider before buying handmade rugs.

- Real carpets come from Persian territory and it means Central Asia. Just look for the labels made in Turkey or Iran.

- Always look at the carpet back. The backside design of handmade carpets is visually discernible to machine-made carpets where the design is not recognizable. The pile of these rugs is so high that sellers obviously try to cheat people when they buy one.

- You must know the difference between dead sheep and live sheep's wool. Dead sheep's wool gives you a dull look compared to living wool, which gives you a light and warm feel. The knot is the easiest way to make handmade carpets.

- Depending on your needs, choose a handmade rug size, color, additional accessories and if you want one or two pieces.

It is expensive material. But it's worth buying. Consider putting handmade rugs in your princess room as they deserve the best.