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East Urban Home Patterned 1295 Light Blue Area Rug Rug Size: Rectangle 3′ x 5′

Carpets are the best substitute for wall-to-wall carpeting because, unlike carpets, they can be easily removed and cleaned whenever you wish. You can easily change the shape or design of the rug and change the color if you wish. You have to wonder why we're talking about blue area rugs. The answer ist quite easy. The color blue is unique in a way because it looks good by contrasting and adjusting every color in your home. So you do not have to worry about buying a particular color to match your walls. However, before purchasing a surface carpet, you must consider the following points to ensure that you get the best surface carpet.

1. Do not compromise on size:

The most important thing first, do not compromise on size. Do not buy cheap local rugs that are small and completely outcasts that make you a mockery.

Second Protect the areas:

Protect the areas that are the most frequented daily. You do not want one foot on the carpet and the other on it.

Third Appreciate your investment:

Do not just buy an expensive rug and place it where the likelihood of fluid loss or tripping is high. This will damage the carpet and you will have wasted your money in the end.

4th Careful cleaning:

Look at the material the carpet is made of before cleaning it. Some materials need to be cleaned in certain ways with certain chemicals. If you do not know the material of your rug, you are likely to damage your rug.

5th Do not stay with one color:

Do not just stay with one color. Carpets are relatively cheap, and if you feel you are tired of seeing the same color over and over again, you should buy another color. Time to dispose of this blue carpet that your mother gave you when you gave birth to your first baby!

These steps should be followed religiously if you feel like buying a new area rug. Ultimately, however, it is important that you are satisfied with your carpet and happy every time you look at it. For this reason, all these steps are irrelevant, but even then, following these steps can significantly increase the life of your carpet.