Felt carpet supersoft pebbles – felt stone carpet, wool from sheep & lama

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Homeowners nowadays have a large selection of carpets. There are different types of rugs on the market and it will certainly bring a little more comfort in the homeowner's life. There are so many options rugs. There are carpets of different origin, nature, color, size, texture and price. Choosing the right rug from such a wide variety is a difficult task. However, knowing your needs and being aware of the carpet choices that enhance the look of your home or room is not a difficult task. Below are some popular people's carpet choices.

Loop Carpets:

This is one of the most common types of carpets. The sling carpets are the first choice of homeowners for so many reasons. As the name implies, these carpets are made of bows. The carpets are durable and strong. They last longer. There are uncut and cut loops. The cut loop carpets are not as durable as the uncut carpets, but visually appealing.

Retro carpets:

Retro carpets are very famous nowadays. There was a time when these rugs were the first choice of people. Now the trend is changing again and these carpets keep their place. They look colorful and bright. It will contribute much to the appearance of the room. Make a colorful environment around them and it looks extremely good.


Saxony is well known among business owners. Most business owners like this rug for its formal and elegant appearance. The Saxon is comfortable and durable. If you are looking for something for an office, there is nothing better than Saxony.

Woven carpets:

The best rugs available on the market are woven carpets. They are available in different designs and colors.

There are so many other types of rugs, and you can choose any rug as long as it suits your needs. Do not pick anything you do not need. Know your requirements and then decide for one. Are you looking for comfort, elegance or both? How much money do you want to spend on the carpet? All these things have to be known in advance.