Free printable laundry symbols wall art

Check out this free printable laundry symbols wall art designed to fit in perfectly with farmhouse decor! Decorate your laundry with this practical poster and avoid mistakes associated with unfamiliar laundry symbols (no more shrunken woollens!). This free laundry printable comes in a range of sizes including A3, A4, 8 x 10, 16 x 20 and Letter. #freeprintable

  1. Make a laundry wall

You have no place in your laundry room. Let everything have their own place. One of the smartest decisions is to organize a laundry wallet that contains everything you need for ironing and cleaning. You can construct it from a series of shelves. Make sure all cables are comfortable and waterproof. Place the iron and ironing board near this wall. A tie-rod is another useful idea. After you have taken your clothes out of the dryer, hang them up there.

  1. Use your place

The European washer-dryer set is the perfect choice for small spaces. After drying, attach a shelf to fold objects. Make sure you can always push it away from the visor. A match shadow hides your laundry room when you need it.

  1. Let everything have his box

Another interesting idea for laundry rooms is to keep all detergents in a box. A pair of boxes with different labels will help you to organize the laundry: "for laundry", "for dry cleaning" etc.

  1. Hang up a patch diagram

This is one of the most useful ideas for laundry rooms. What do you do after the guests have come home? What is the first room you visit with friends after a fun night? Law. You go to the laundry room to wash the sauce off the tablecloth or to remove wine stains on your favorite blouse. A patch table is the safest way to save the clothes. Laminate the card and hang it on the wall of your washroom.