Front Entry: Three Ways

black and white front entry. Simple, Minimalist but so elegant #CoolStuff #houseentrance

What is a flur table?

A flur table is a small, slender table that sometimes has two levels and is perfect for your hallway. It's just the right size and shape to go easy on, or you can strategically place it outdoors to draw attention to it.

Can it improve the look of your home?

A flur table can be made in many designs from traditional to contemporary and made of many different materials such as wood or marble. If you are looking for something that suits modern themes, you can opt for a stylish, shiny wooden table whose design is inspired by a geometric shape.

A marble vanity brings more class to your home as similar decorations are often seen in hotels and villas. A wooden flannel table can be carved to give it a rustic or old-fashioned look, and can best be in its natural color.

A flur table is also a practical addition to your home, especially if it has two levels or drawers, as it is a handy surface for carrying your house keys and so on, if you are in a hurry. Taking into account the small size of the table top, you can place a candle or vase on it to get a little more, and store spare candles in a drawer.


A flur table is a stylish, practical addition to your hallway that complements your home with themes or designs. It does not have to get in the way and can be used to store small items or decorations when needed.