Hate your tile floors? Paint them! – Lolly Jane

Super affordable bathroom floor makeover solution: how to chalk paint tile floors! So glad I painted my bathroom floors, they look amazing and we spent less than $50! Love this bathroom floor makeover! #Bathroomfloor

The design of a bathroom according to your individual style can be a very satisfying experience. There are numerous types of flooring for the bathroom that can provide both longevity and aesthetics. The most important component of bathroom floors is the resistance to moisture and at the same time the skid resistance.

Stone or tiled floor

Natural stone or ceramic tiles are the most popular option for bathroom floors. Tiles have always been used because they are durable, dirt-repellent and waterproof. A textured tile that is non-slip is a very practical choice to avoid slipping and falling accidents. Tiles should be laid over underfloor heating so they do not feel cold underfoot.

Vinyl sheet flooring

Vinyl floors are an excellent choice for a bathroom because of their superior water resistance. It is dirt-repellent and very easy-care and also protects the trouser pocket. For a longer life, vinyl was constructed with a glass fiber structure. Vinyl has a felt or foam backing that feels soft under your feet and also prevents slipping and falling accidents. Vinyl floors are available in such striking designs that they capture the improved dimensions of hardwood and stone.

Multilayer wood / laminate

Wood-based panels are actually real wood veneer plywood, which is able to withstand moisture better than solid wood. Therefore, it is a viable option when planning a half bath or a guest toilet. Laminated wood, however, looks like wood, but is inexpensive and resistant to scratches and stains. On the whole, hardwood floors are a classic and timeless choice for a bathroom. Cork and bamboo are other options for bathroom floors that are easy to lay and save your budget.

After laying the bathroom floor, a matching bath mat is a necessary accessory. Cotton bathtubs, recycled yarn or organic cotton are perfect for any room in the bathroom, be it in front of the mirror or near the bath or shower. These heavy-duty carpets are made from a high-absorbency material that is very soft underfoot, keeps the bathroom floor in good condition, and prevents accidents. Bath rugs in combination with shower curtains complete the appearance and design of your bathroom.