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Herringbone simple Large Wall stencil Herringbone stencil | Etsy

Wall stencils are a great way to decorate your walls or even a piece of furniture. Wall stencils can be used at a much cheaper price instead of wallpaper or vinyl decals. It can be really fun to decorate a wall with a design if you choose, and it's also very simple at the same time. In fact, even beginners can expect great results.

Choosing a wall stencil design can be very tedious, as there is a wide choice of designs available. Exotic stencil designs include geometric patterns, Moroccan lace, leaf or flower patterns, batik design, festive designs and an endless list. It can be a wallpaper pattern stencil or a border wall template.

These wall masks are made of durable Mylar plastic and are reusable. You can choose the color of your choice and paint the pattern in different shades to give it a contemporary look. It's easy to paint a wall with the stencils. First, select the design layout and attach the stencils to the wall with painter's tape.

The motif is painted with a stencil brush and excess paint is removed from the brush by first dabbing the brush on a paper towel. The streak method is used to apply the paint to the stencil and prevent the ink from seeping under the stencil. The continuity of the design is achieved by moving the stencils over the entire wall to be painted. You can give your room a sensational look by painting one of the walls with wall stencils.