How to Install a Floating Laminate Floor

How to install a floating laminate floor with pro tips and lots of pix from One Project Closer

Replacing the existing dirty and infected carpet is one of the simplest, most effective and fastest ways to improve the overall appearance of the home or office. There are several options for you and one of the best in floating laminate flooring. The floating laminate floor offers so many advantages that it is the best choice. The floors are easy-care, maintenance-free and extremely attractive.

20% rule:

The first thought that you need to make sure you get the grain of your desire. You have to make sure that you have measured the rooms perfectly. There is no error rate. The measurements should be done perfectly. There is a rule known as the 20% rule. It is basically an industrial practice. You have to multiply the width and length of the room. Then you have to multiply both and multiply the result by 1.2. It will be the amount of square feet you have to buy.

How hard is the installation?

You need to know about the harshness of the installation. Since it is a floating laminate floor, it is connected with nothing. You can easily install it over the existing floor. This is how your floor looks better and more beautiful. Laying the laminate flooring is not a difficult task, but there are a few things that need to be done in advance to make sure the installation is done properly. It is not complicated at all. There are no heavy equipment or tools required.

You must know:

Floating laminate flooring has things that are very different from the normal. First and foremost, it will not be connected with anything, no matter what. Second, it can contract and expand as the temperature changes. You need to make sure you leave enough spaces in between to make sure it works properly.


The laminate floor is now available in a wide range. It is available in different styles, shapes and patterns. You have to make sure that you buy some high quality stuff. You must also check the details of the product and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The price should also be considered. Think of everything and make sure you get the best flooring that meets your needs and is available on the lowest budget.