Umbaubares Kinderbett mit Matratze

You can give your distressed wood floor an authentic look by simply weathering its surface. The weather is a process that is used to make new polished wood look worn. Therefore, this process is especially relevant if you need to replace part of your floor.

Like weathered wood floors

First of all, you must identify and understand all the characteristics of your distressed wood floor, taking into account its color, texture and wood grain. Before working on the ground, make sure it is cleaned with a suitable wood cleaner, rinsed with clean water and then dried.

Remove the damaged wooden floor with a spatula and secure the new piece by either gluing or stapling it to the existing wooden floor and allowing it to settle. At this point, it's pretty obvious that the new floor is completely different from the rest of the floor. Therefore, you need to perform a procedure that will help you unify your soil.

Change of the new wooden floor

There are several methods for changing the exchanged floor space.

You can weatherproof the new wooden floor by scrubbing its surface with a stiff brush until you obtain the desired uniform texture. You can also scrub the surface with steel wool, but make sure you scrub against the grain to get the texture you want.

You can also make the wooden floor weatherproof by applying small stones to the replaced part and pressing on the wood to give the floor a uniform look.

Wood stain is a perfect element as it supports the weathering of the new wood surface. Dye the new wood with some wood stain, and if a firm and even color appears you can scrub it off with a scrubber until the wood is troubled as it definitely strains the new floor area.

Change the color of the wood

It is also possible to use a technique that causes the new wood to resemble the color of your distressed wood floor. You can do this by applying wood sealant after painting it with the appropriate paint and allowing it to dry. When the wood is completely dry, you can scrape it off with a brush with hard bristles, including steel wool. This process helps to quickly damage the new wooden floor by reducing its original appearance.