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Handgefertigter Teppich Mahan aus Wolle in Beige EspritEsprit

A very essential element in any interior design are the carpets. Carpets are commonly used in many homes and offices to create a luxurious and elegant look in the room. The types of carpets are abundant. One such type of rug that you can find on the market is the hand-woven rugs. These types of carpets look charming and sober and are usually made with great care. Producing a one-hand woven rug takes a lot of time and effort, so the cost is usually quite high. So you have to spend a huge sum to own a handwoven rug. Comfortable, durable and can be used anywhere in the house Natural fibers such as wool and silk are commonly used to make hand-woven carpets. Wool is a durable and comfortable material and therefore these hand-woven rugs are known for the best comfort they offer. You can use a handwoven carpet for many years with proper care and maintenance. They can be used as decorative and functional objects throughout the house, such as floors and walls. Different types of hand-woven carpets There are several types of hand-woven rugs on the market, including Indian, Persian, Oriental and Caucasian rugs, which are made in different parts of the world. The Middle East and Far Eastern countries are the places where most hand-woven rugs come from. Persian hand-woven carpets have been made for thousands of years and are also known as Iranian carpets. Traditional floral drawings are patterned in most Persian carpets and are usually made in brown and red. The handwoven rugs from India are known for their stunning designs. Some irregular designs in Indian rugs and rugs are influenced by Persian handmade rugs. , Indian carpets usually have natural floral patterns and designs and are usually available in red, yellow and pink. The material used to make these hand-woven rugs is Kashmiri wool, a shiny and soft material. Wool is the material from which the hand-woven Caucasian rugs are made. The different types of Caucasian rugs on the market are the Georgian, Akstafa, Avar and Baku Chila. The hand-woven oriental carpets and rugs are decorated in bright colors and have a variety of variations.