Laminate Flooring: Is There a Waterproof Option

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When laminate flooring appears in conversation with a person, it does not take long for the restrictions on where laminate flooring should be installed and why. Laminate, typical in the design language, refers to a building material that is manufactured in layers. You could imagine it as a sandwich.

In the past, the laminate floor consisted of a backing which was the lowest layer in contact with the subfloor. In addition, in the middle of the sandwich there is a filling layer which gives the floor its thickness and adds some padding to the feel of this finished product. Here are the limits.

The middle part of the laminate floor consists of glued together wood particles. This is a great design as long as water is kept away from the ground. A leaking pipe, moisture rising through the subfloor, and any number of conditions can mean the end of an otherwise high quality floor installation. Laminate flooring is topped with a decorative coating that looks good but can be distorted if the material under the bubbles is damaged or broken down due to the ingress of moisture.

The answer

The manufacturers have solved this problem by providing us with waterproof laminate flooring. By changing the materials in the middle of the sandwich from an absorbent wood product to a non-absorbent product such as PVC (plastic pipes made from the same product), the manufacturers gave us a product that no longer had the limitations of the old product.

Like other laminates, waterproof laminate floors fit together in the same way, but under the right circumstances they can now be considered for bathrooms, kitchens and cellars. Of course, all water issues in these rooms still need to be addressed, and we are always better off if there are no water leaks or problems. Now that waterproof laminate flooring is on the market, we have more options than previously did.

Possible applications

There are so many options now to consider that waterproof laminate floors are in the mix. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and even outdoor applications such as patios and terraces can now have a cost effective and relatively easy to install look of hardwood, even stone or slate, with a simple application of this laminate, and worries about whether or even when the moisture damage was to show themselves are now practically gone.