laminated Cotton Fabrics TPU laminateing waterproof vinyl fabric by the yard oilcloth width 43″ _beb

laminated Cotton Fabrics TPU laminateing waterproof vinyl fabric by the yard oilcloth width 43″ _beb


Perhaps your childhood memories of shiny fabrics in different parts of the house, such as upholstered chairs, tablecloths, equipment covers, etc. They usually had unsightly design and color patterns, but were very reliable and durable. In addition, they were much easier to clean compared to other fabrics. Today you may have come across the fact that many of your favorite fabric designers have begun to offer some of their collections in the form of laminated substrates. Most of them are made of laminated cotton. These new laminated fabrics are much better in terms of design and color patterns than those we remember from our past. They are flexible and attractive and are very suitable for use in your home.

Laminated cotton

Laminated cotton comes with a range of utilities. It does not just look stylish, it also consists of a flexible and soft material. This transformation has become possible due to some changes in the manufacturing process. They are made of 100% cotton, which is usually simply woven. Later, they are coated on their right side with phthalate-free laminating material.


If we look at the definition of the word, it suggests an extra layer fused to an existing layer. There are several types of laminated fabrics on the market that differ in terms of the material used in their manufacturing process and the entire process. You can see laminated fabrics made of laminated cotton, polyurethane laminate, oil cloth, chalk sheet, base vinyl, etc. There are also clear laminates on the market.

Utilities of laminated cotton fabrics

Laminated fabrics are associated with a variety of functions and uses. They can often be seen while serving the purpose of an ordinary table mat or dining table, but there is much more to it here. Laminated fabrics are often used for many other purposes. They are used, for example, to manufacture REACH compliant products, diving suits, aviation lifejackets, aviation liferafts, sea safety rafts, raft cover fabrics, medical air tanks, medical gel fluid tanks, fluid bearings, etc.

Where can I shop?

Laminated cotton is easy to find when you go to a retail store. You can also look it up over the internet. Online sellers offer a much larger selection at comparatively cheaper terms.