Mannington Laminate – eco friendly, low emission.  Consider Revolutions Plank an…

Mannington Laminate – eco friendly, low emission. Consider Revolutions Plank and Value Lock Collections.

Laminate flooring and what does that mean for you?

Laminate flooring can be made from any composite product that consists of many different layers fused together. In most cases, the number of layers is 4 to 5. The first layer is transparent and protects the floor from liquids and scratches. The next layer is a 3D photographic layer for decorative purposes.

The third layer is a similar 3D photographic layer that replicates every authentic product. The fourth layer, the middle core, is the thickest of HDF or high density fiberboard, and the base is made of a sealed melamine resin layer that enhances stability and moisture resistance.

One such particular type of flooring in this category is Mannington's laminate flooring, which is one of the most popular options for those who want a luxurious vinyl tile look on their floors.

What is Mannington laminate?

Mannington flooring is best known for its luxurious vinyl tiles as well as the laminate flooring. The first obvious feature of this floor is its appearance - with a variety that goes beyond most other types of laminate. Mannington laminate is available in 6 different collections. Some of the most notable are the Revolution Tiles, which are stone-like laminates, and the Restoration & Diamond Bay Collections, where the planks are 12mm thicker than the others in the collection.

The appearance of Mannington laminates is exquisite over other varieties, especially the restoration series, which has a vintage and weathered aesthetic, and in the colors sepia, gray, beige and twilight for various woods such as maple, walnut, birch and oak.

Should you choose laminates from Mannington?

With all the visual and aesthetic appeal of choosing Mannington laminates, many homeowners are confused in choosing them. While laminates are generally a great flooring option and are cheaper than other types, Mannington can be slightly more expensive than the others. In addition, laminates may not be as durable as the others. Special care is required if you have heavy furniture or appliances in the areas in which this floor covering is to be laid.

As with any flooring option, finding the best kind of flooring for you is just a sound decision - and on Mannington laminate floors, if you're looking for something that enhances your home's vintage ambience and d├ęcor. then you have surely found the right product!