Melbourne home with French and Belgian influence

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Are you tired of the old floors and would you like to replace them with wooden floors, preferably hardwood? That's a good idea. But wait a minute. Have you considered the various aspects that are important for maintaining hardwood floors? Here are some of the things you need to consider before deciding on parquet.

Types of floor coverings

First of all, you have to know that hardwood floors have two options: solid wood and wood-based material. By solid wood is meant the thick solid wood boards, which are milled from a piece of wood. Wood-based materials consist of layers of wood sandwiched between a solid wood top layer and a hardwood base.

Laying the wooden floor

Each of them has a different installation method. The hardwood floor must be nailed or glued to the subfloor and is quite a challenge. It is recommended that the services of professionals be used. The wooden material is glued to the concrete base. The solid wood should not be installed below the grade as it can be attacked by the soil moisture because wood based materials can be installed below the grade.

tensile strength

Determine the type of use of the soil wood. Check to see if it has the tensile strength to withstand the clatter of children and pets, frequent parties, and the many soils associated with it.


Decide on the style of floor you need - modern or traditional. The traditional floor requires a wooden floor in darker tones, while the modern style requires lighter tones for the floor. Again, the choice of style depends on the type of windows and the available daylight. When a lot of natural light enters, the dark tones of the floor can be compensated. If the incident light is insufficient, it makes sense to set to bright shades.


Both tend to get scratched and require a lot of care - especially when pets and children are nearby. The polyurethane method of dyeing wood gives the wood an excellent gloss and if scratches occur, they are clearly visible. The oiled finish, however, gives a matte finish, which helps to hide the scratches. Due to its thickness, the solid wood can be reworked two to three times. Wood-based materials can only be reworked once or twice.