Monterey Hartholzkollektion – #floors #Hartholzkollektion #Monterey

Monterey Hartholzkollektion – #floors #Hartholzkollektion #Monterey

Laying a hardwood floor can sometimes be a challenge, especially for beginners. It is therefore important to note that the method of fixing these floors is very important whether you are installing parquet for the first time or just one of the many times you have done so. Here are five simple steps to get the look you want on your hardwood floor.

Select the appropriate cards

Start by selecting the boards to use for the project. These should contain the types of wood that are suitable for a long life and fit your home decor. Make sure you have enough wood before the actual process of laying hardwood floors is done.

Measure the installation space

In the second step, the dimensions of the room or house in which the installation is to be carried out are measured. Make sure that both the width and the length are measured accurately. Accurate measurements can help prevent mistakes when cutting the wood into smaller, easy-to-machine pieces. Check the squeaky floors to make sure they are repaired before continuing any other tasks. Meanwhile, the ground should also be checked and repaired if it is not in a proper condition.

Create a vapor pressure

Roll out a vapor barrier paper to prevent steam from reaching the floor. Make sure the most suitable paper is used to make the floor completely vapor-proof.

Make the actual installation

Once the above four steps have been completed, the actual installation can begin. During installation, the pieces of wood are placed on the floor so that a desired pattern is achieved. This is one of the most important steps as it determines the condition of the floor and, in the case of poor work, the results are not very appealing. After placing the panels on the floor, a few more steps are required to complete the entire installation process. Make sure the wood is nailed to the floor to keep the floor stable. If not nailed, the pieces of wood will be moved after a while.

The finishing touch

After the actual installation is complete, you can do final work to make sure the floor meets your needs. The last step is to fix the last board. It should be cut properly or the tongue should be cut to fit well. If the above simple steps are followed sequentially, you certainly will not have to worry. Sit back and relax as you admire your parquet home improvement.