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Carpets come in a variety of sizes, colors, materials, styles and patterns to choose from. As a result, they are very versatile and indispensable for the home decor. Among them, the 8 × 10 rugs are very popular among home builders and interior designers when it comes to setting up a house or apartment or simply renovating it. The special feature of the 8 × 10 rugs is their adaptability to any home, regardless of walls, floor coverings or furniture. Of course, one has to take into account the contrast the color offers. However, 8 × 10 carpets can easily fit in different room conditions and also in different furniture in the same room. The creativity of an individual knows no bounds when it comes to using the 8 × 10 carpets for decoration.

Here we can see the different places where the 8 × 10 rugs could be used or used.

Living room -

This is perhaps one of the most common places to find these carpets. Due to their size, they are able to sit well in the smallest space. First and foremost, these were in front of the sofas with the coffee table in the middle. The code-book of the interior designer states that the front legs of furniture must be aligned along the edge of the carpet so that the carpet comes out from under the furniture. In this case, the furniture marks the border, and the carpet fits into the furniture, with the coffee table in the middle, making the arrangement look compact, tidy and stylish. Only special attention to the color and pattern of the carpet in the selection would increase the effect factor of the living room.

Dining room -

The second most common place next to the living room where you can find the 8x10 rug is in the dining room. Sometimes there is no difference between living room and dining room. The 8x10 rugs show their importance in creating a façade between the seating area and the dining area, where you could see how this façade developed, just by choosing different carpets. Again, the general rule is that the carpet should be under the front legs of the furniture, or it could completely enclose the furniture around the carpet.

Lobby of hotels -

These rugs are a great addition to the hotel lobby, which has relatively less traffic. There are many occasions when hotels flaunt a particular work of art. The 8x10 rugs are perfect for occasions when this display could be placed on these rugs.

Bedroom -

The bedrooms are also equipped with these rugs, which give a cozy, rich and comfortable appearance. It is a great addition to the bedroom as it fits well with the comfort of the bed and enhances that comfort with the soft, warm, soft feel of the feet. It is usually seen at the foot of the bed, as on the sides.

The good thing about the 8x10 rug is that it does not follow a specific rule and can be used anywhere, depending on a person's creativity. If the artworks on the carpets are good, they can also turn into a great exhibit that can be hung on the walls. If all these positive qualities are not enough, the best thing about the 8 × 10 carpet is its affordability. It's so easy on the purse and yet so versatile. These rugs could easily be bought in large stores such as Walmart, Target, Ikea or ordered online from Amazon or eBay from around the world.