Natural Engineered Flooring Oak Double White Brushed UV Lacquered 14/3mm By 190mm By 400-1500mm

£29.20/m2 Natural Engineered Flooring Oak Double White Brushed UV Lacquered 14/3mm By 190mm By 400-1500mm

Engineered Floor is one of the hottest trends these days. Most people consider it for their daily needs. There are so many reasons why the multi-layer floor offers the best flooring. There are so many other floor coverings for people, but nothing can be as effective as the technical flooring. The best thing about the finished parquet is that it can be made to your liking. That's why they are available in any shape you want.

Traditional trend:

You need to be aware of traditional tiling trends. One thing you need to know about this trend is that it has to be maintained and can also be very expensive for you. In this case, both permanent and non-permanent options are available.

Modern trends:

The hardwood floors are the newest and hottest these days. There are so many things that make this option perfect. They are available in different price ranges.


A new invention of these days is the engineered floor. There are so many advantages of the multi-layer flooring that they make the most of all. There are so many things involved in the whole process and all things are carefully managed and executed so that it remains safe for people.


The basic advantage of the multi-layer floor is that it provides a true and natural look. The infrastructure is very strong and you feel like real wood. Another advantage is that the parquet floors are available in a wide range. The life of the parquet floors is too long. According to the experts, the technical floors can have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years. There is nothing that could damage the floors. The floor is very easy to lay. Nowadays, the floors are available in different colors, designs, styles and sizes. It is indeed much more stable than a solid wood floor.


You have to take your time and buy the floor exactly. They are available in different versions. Make sure the design fits perfectly in your room. You can rework the floor after a few years. The constant appearance makes it perfect. If you are looking for a perfect soil solution, the multi-layer flooring is just right for you.