pappelina Molly Outdoor-Teppich – schlammfarben 70 x 400cm PappelinaPappelina

Outdoorteppich Green Primaflor-Ideen in Textil rechteckig Höhe 75 mm PrimaflorPrimaflor

Increasing pollution has led us to seek environmentally friendly products. The focus has been on eco-friendly products that are healthy for the individual and good for the environment. This also applies to floor carpets. The University of North Carolina has developed eco-friendly recommendations taking into account the science of flooring selection. The recommendations were received with enthusiasm by both public and technical professionals in the flooring industry.

Green carpets

The health effects of plastic floors are enormous. The chemicals contained in these carpets led to allergies and respiratory problems. The choice of green carpets, organic carpets and eco-friendly carpets is the only way to stay healthy. It will also help to curb the depletion of natural resources.


The soil experts found that when making the floor carpet, the materials used and the manufacturing process need to be changed to obtain environmentally friendly products. They focused on reducing the risk of fire, removing toxins and allergens, and using healthy, mold-resistant substances to achieve the goal of producing green carpets. The health-conscious consumer began refusing products that did not meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. It saves energy and improves health. You also save money by lowering your energy bill.

Gain popularity

Homeowners and interior designers began to embrace green carpets. The choice of bamboo, seaweed and natural products meant that more and more such products were manufactured by the manufacturers. They have not only improved the elegance of the house, but also the health and the environment. Nowadays, there are many ways to get green. You can choose between jute or coconut products. Due to the use of such products, deforestation has also substantially reduced and thereby regulated the release of oxygen and the reduction of carbon dioxide.

As we become healthier and choose eco-friendly products, we provide a great service to ourselves and others. With green carpets, you can give your room a natural organic look. It is also energy efficient and lowers your electricity bills. The long-term benefits are worth switching to green carpets right away. They can give future generations a much healthier world. The green carpets will also liven up your mood and make you happy. Therefore, make the decision to go green for the benefit of all.