Persian Style Alma Indoor Outdoor Patio Rug with Backing: Multi – Polyester – 8′ x 10′ by World Market

Persian Style Alma Indoor Outdoor Rug with Backing | World Market

Persian rugs (Qaleen or Farsh in Persian, which means "spread"), commonly known as Persian rugs, are a piece of thick, heavy material made in Iran (formerly known as Persia, hence the name). Persian carpet weaving arts are an integral part of Iranian culture and make Iran the world's largest producer and exporter of handmade rugs. These carpets are a symbol of rich art and cultural values. Persian carpets, with their many intricate designs and elaborate details, may be the best thing that has traditionally befallen your home.

Here are some of the best-known Persian rug types that have been produced for a variety of useful purposes:

  • The flatwoven rugs: Persian-style flatwoven rugs like:
  1. Kelim are used only for decoration. They can also be used as prayer mats as in Islamic culture. These carpets are not as durable as woven carpets and due to the lack of stack relatively cheaper. However, they are popular for decorating in private homes because of their elaborate, fine detailing and smooth textures.
  2. "Soumak" is also a flat woven rug that lasts longer than a kilim. It is used as bedding, bags and decorative rugs for the household.

Suzani is a fabric traditionally used by Central Asian citizens to give their brides a dowry. It is a unique type of embroidered textile with silk threads on cotton base, made with chain, buttonhole or satin stitch. Usually used as a precious cloth, it can be used to decorate houses.

Carpets that have a pile and backing to preserve their texture are relatively more durable than flat woven carpets or suzanis. And so it can be used for flooring and wall coverings in your home without ruining their beauty. A traditional rug with exquisite designs for your floor will give your home a calm and elegant touch. Also a vintage look for your home in a modern environment is chic. An important type of unique hand-woven pile carpet is Gabbeh carpet. Gabbeh rugs are very raw and simple. They usually have geometric shapes and colorful patterns.

These Persian-style rugs are part of the rich Persian culture, and their rich symbolic essence gives them the delicacy they need to showcase their beauty in a modern Western household routine.