Plattform Lagerung Bett Voll

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You can make the most of a small bedroom by using a Murphy bed. The apartments are often quite small and compact with very little storage space. Therefore, it is a good option to buy a bed with plenty of storage space.

There is no end to things like clothes, shoes, sheets or comforters that are stored in the bedroom. Here you need to use every inch of storage space you can find. So how can you find a better way than buying a storage bed? Not only is it comfortable to sleep, it also gives you additional storage space.

The furniture stores have a large selection of storage bunk beds so you can choose the one that fits your bedroom and make sure it has plenty of storage space. Daybeds have two drawers and double king and queen beds have four or more drawers. In some beds there is also storage space in the headboard.

You could opt for an Ottoman bed that offers the entire interior as storage space. It is connected by a hinge system to a lift mounted on both sides of the bed. Lifting the platform is very convenient via a hydraulic system. Another advantage of an Ottoman bed is that you can carry more weight than drawers in standard storage beds.