Remarkable wooden laminate flooring underlay for your cozy home Source by naomiw…

Remarkable wooden laminate flooring underlay for your cozy home Source by naomiwlemons… Check more at www.muratsencan.c……

Laminate flooring is now widely used and is widely used for many reasons. It is economical, durable and has many resistant properties. However, before you install laminate on your floor, you have to make an underpayment. The laminate underlay is a material that is placed under the lamination to provide additional properties.


Laminate is thin when you live in dwellings or not on the ground floor, and if you do not install laminate flooring, you will be transmitting noise to the floors below. To give your floor sound absorption properties, you need a base.

Another reason why laminate flooring is important is the padding, otherwise the floor feels too hard when you walk on it. The base gives your lamination solidity and strength. It also prevents your lamination from being ruined by the underlying floor. It will also provide isolation. Some underlays absorb moisture.


The type of backing you need depends on the environment in which you live. If you live in a place with a lot of noise, noise reduction should be your primary concern when choosing the underlay, or if you live in a damp area and there is one. The moisture may ruin your lamination. Then choose a pad that absorbs moisture. Another factor to consider is the type of floor space you have under your lamination.

Foam laminate underlay

These are most commonly used for laminate flooring. Their width ranges from about 3 mm to 6 mm. They come in bows that are available in different lengths. Foam pad is also very easy to install. The best features of this mat are that it absorbs moisture, which is ideal for bathroom floors or if you live in a damp room. It also has shock absorbing properties and provides thermal insulation.


The cork pad is very durable and lasts a long time. It is environmentally friendly, isolates heat and sound and absorbs moisture. Apart from that it is also antibacterial. They come in different strengths. They are harder to install than foam pads.

Pad made of plywood laminate

Plywood laminate pads are also widely used. It is very useful if you have a very rough surface. It can give the lamination extra smoothness and firmness and also good thermal insulation.