River – Blau Teppich 80×200 Moderner, Läufer Teppich RugvistaRugvista

benuta Trends Flachgewebeteppich Frencie Rot/Blau 300×400 cm – Vintage Teppich im Used-Lookbenuta.de

I brought a woven rug to my room to create a mystical look. This not only served the purpose, but also expressed the eclectic feeling of charm and versatility. My room is decorated with marble with extra surface polishes, which looks good but is also slippery. A few days ago, I had come across a slide that had injured my knees, so a woven carpet was a must for me. My idea for using a woven rug was to get a permanent solution that prevents me from falling in the morning especially when I get out of bed and make my way to the office.

Suitability of woven carpets

Woven carpets are often used to make small or relatively medium room areas. When used in large sizes, it looks like a carpet. On the other hand, slim and thin carpets will easily go unnoticed. Carpets are basically a tool to break the continuity and create extra space.

If your room is small, you can add some rectangular small to medium sized woven rugs along with a few small pieces of furniture to increase the appearance of the room. The combination of carpets and furniture goes hand in hand to create a desired theme. Contemporary or modern looks can be achieved by half contribution from each of these two. Beige or another neutral woven carpet with filigree polished furniture in brown wood does not create the desired exotic feeling, but transforms your room into a dream area. The color of the rugs gives the overall appearance of the room an excellent functionality.

Considerations when choosing carpets

Especially if you are looking for an interior, you will find an immense variety of woven rugs. Color, style, pattern and quality are the key factors in choosing a suitable piece for your space. If you are planning for a teenage girl, bright colors will electrify the surrounding ambience. For boys' rooms, small rugs with printed cars, other sports and celebrities can complement their space. For grandparents, neutral and relaxed combinations can be used. Quality is a key factor when it comes to carpets.

Handwoven rugs are somehow considered expensive. Longevity is the key feature that makes these carpets expensive. Cotton carpets, however, are cheap alternative. If you belong to a group of people who love change then opt for synthetic rugs. You can add a new dimension to your space by using some exquisite woven rugs and good lighting that make carpets the focal point.