Sabrina Soto Hudson Outdoor Rug (9′ x 12′ – Black)

Sabrina Soto Hudson Outdoor Rug (Beige – 8′ x 8′ Round)

Carpets have always enhanced the appearance of houses. Carpets give the room not only a decorative look, but also a unique style. Modern carpet manufacturers make many different types of rugs, so that every buyer can find something to his liking. If you do not know what types of carpets are available on the market, this article will certainly help you.

Types of carpets

It's not just the look that sets one rug apart from the other. Their purpose and the methods used by the carpet manufacturer to manufacture the carpet also play a role. As far as the manufacturing process is concerned, this generally depends on the region in which it is produced. Carpets are both hand-woven and machine-made. Let's look at different carpet types and their manufacturing processes.

Handwoven carpets

Handwoven carpets are generally woven on very large looms, much as fabrics are woven by hand. The carpet manufacturers may have uncut and cut stacks along with loops. Many different yarn colors are used to create attractive designs and patterns. Because hand-woven carpets require a lot of work and time, these carpets are much more expensive than machine-made carpets.


These types of carpets have recently emerged and require the use of modern techniques. The electrostatic attraction that develops between synthetic fibers is used to make such carpets. In this case, a usually consisting of foam textile carrier is used, are pressed onto the fibers. To improve the durability of the backing, binders are also used by carpet manufacturers. To increase the bond strength, the needle substrate is further chemically and thermally treated.

Braided rugs

Another attractive type of carpet produced by the carpet manufacturers are woven rugs, which are known for their unique weave patterns. They are designed to make it look as if the braids are actually interwoven. The yarn used for such types of carpets is generally cotton, wool, sisal or other synthetic fibers. Choosing a braided carpet generally takes into account resistance to moisture, staining, cleaning, maintenance and price.

Remember these three different types of carpet made by carpet manufacturers to give your home a unique touch. Choose a color that will match the interior of your home to ensure that the rug gives the results you want.