Simply Seamless Nantucket Starry Night Texture 24 in. x 24 in. Residential Carpet Tile (8 Tiles/Case)

Simply Seamless Nantucket Starry Night Texture 24 in. x 24 in. Residential Carpet Tile (8 Tiles/Case)

Carpet tiles are defined to pre-cut the sizes and shapes of carpets when applied with applied backings.

As the shapes and sizes of the rug may vary, here are some recommendations from carpet manufacturers for residential use.


The carpet must be cut according to the seam pattern, leaving at least 3 inches on each wall for cutting and sufficient material for pattern dripping, if applicable. To ensure a right-angled installation, apply at least 2 vertical chalk lines to the surface trim (at a 90 degree angle). These lines should extend the entire length and width of the area to be enclosed. You can also use a laser line for this purpose. The intersection of the lines should be set to achieve the design intent.

Floor-Applied Adhesive Application

Usually a thin layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive is applied and allowed to dry completely. The sticky substance prevents the lateral movement of carpet tiles in the living area and facilitates the exchange. The recommendations for sticky substances may differ due to the different carpet tile support.

Pre-applied adhesive application (peel-and-stick)

Pressure-sensitive tacky substances are sometimes applied to the backing of the attached pad during manufacture. Supports of this kind place special demands on soil preparation. For recommended installation procedures, contact the carpet manufacturer.

tile joints

The tile should be firm in the finished installation, but not flattened. To ensure the correct distance when laying carpet tiles in the living area, measure the distance by laying ten tiles on the floor that have no visible peaks, gaps, or overlaps. The dimension must be ten times the tile size +/- 1/4 inch unless otherwise specified in the manufacturer's recommendations. This measurement indicates the correct placement of the tiles to prevent them from falling apart or crushing.


If necessary, it should be rolled to push the tile deep into the sticky substance. Rolling must be done with a lightest roller so that the glue line pattern transfers to the back of the carpet and the sticky substance still adheres to the floor. Do not drive beyond 30 kg. unless stated in the manufacturer's specifications. Roll the carpet both lengthwise and widthwise.

After installation

After installation, the flawless operations will be handled after the carpet installation is complete.