slate flooring #flooring Grey Riven Slate Tile | Mandarin Stone

slate flooring #flooring Grey Riven Slate Tile | Mandarin Stone

Floors are a fundamental and important phase of any building. This requires a deeper insight into different types of flooring, from wood to stone. When it comes to stones, the slate tile floor is a quiet trendsetter that many have not noticed. What makes it special is the fact that something so basic can make the interior of a home or building look so warm or chic or beautiful. Slates are nothing but fine-grained transformed rocks. Usually they were a great option for the exterior of a building, but over the years there are some that are great for decorating a building.

Let's take a look at the positive aspects that have led to this transition.

Low maintenance -

One of the main advantages of slate tiles is the remarkably low maintenance. Whether outdoors or indoors, this type of flooring is dirt-repellent and dirt can be easily removed from its surface. Another feature is the fact that slate tile floors are also waterproof and ideal for outdoor and indoor use. In a building they are often found in the kitchen and more often in the bathroom. Another advantage when added to the shower room is that these slates are inherently non-slip. This makes them the best candidate for installation in bathrooms or places at risk of getting wet.

Shelf life -

Another feature that differs significantly from his colleagues. The slate tile floor is a perfect candidate for buildings or houses with lots of traffic. These slates are rocks that have been transformed over many years under high pressure, so they can easily handle one or more drops. For example, in workshops or workshops that use heavy metals, they magically work by turning them into a great workplace without you having to worry about something falling on them.

Appearance -

In sharp contrast to the typical floor coverings, the slate tiled floor offers a great visual advantage, as each slate is unique. You could even choose the shape or shape of the slate, such as flat, unmeasured, shiny, etc. They give the house a very earthy appearance.

One of the main problems with slate tiles is the installation process and insulation in cold weather. The installation is not as easy as that of his colleagues. During the winter, the slates get cold rather quickly and do not catch the heat and other types of soil. Methods are being developed to tackle this problem as slate tile floors are becoming more prevalent among New Age interior designers and installers.