Southwest Rug, Southwest Area Rug, Southwestern Rug, Southwestern Area Rug, Southwestern Decor, Sout

Southwest Rug, Southwest Area Rug, Southwestern Rug, Southwestern Area Rug, Southwestern Decor, Sout

If your home is furnished in Navajo style or in the southwest, you can achieve perfection by purchasing a beautiful carpet to the southwest. These carpets are a good deal of work and the good thing is that they are very affordable, considering how complex the manufacturing process is. There are many different types of southwestern rugs on the market. The most common and popular are discussed in the following sections.

Handmade carpets

Handmade rugs offer a beautiful and attractive depiction of southwestern figures, designs and colors. Different colors are used in the production, depending on the design both subtle and lively. You can use these rugs in your bedroom, family room, living room, conservatory, kitchen or even on your porch.

Spirit carpets

Southwestern US rugs use a variety of different designs and colors that represent spirituality. They are most commonly made from Indian wool, but you can also find other options. Spirit carpets look great in bedrooms, large bathrooms and kitchens.

Modern southwestern rugs

Modern carpets are mainly made in New Mexico. The story of Native American and Spaniard is brought together to create a very appealing design that truly depicts different scenes from the Southwest. Such carpets are perfect for living rooms, conservatories, family rooms, hobby rooms, etc.

Timberlake rugs

Timberlake carpets are named after a famous Southwestern designer named Bob Timberlake. These carpets use colors that are stronger compared to the rest of the Southwestern collection. Every single piece is unique because it is handmade. You can use a Timberlake rug in almost every room in your home.

Mexican Guadalupe rugs

Just like Timberlake carpets, these carpets are handmade and come in vibrant patterns and designs. Most designs show in a very appealing way the history of the Mexican aborigines. Mexican Guadalupe rugs go perfectly with a Navajo style room.

Oaxaca Mexico rugs

These carpets are made in one of the southwestern states of America called Oaxaca Mexico. They are hand-woven and made of 100% pure wool. Oaxaca Mexico rugs are considered one of the finest in the entire Southwestern collection.

Mohair rugs

These rugs use a traditional wool called mohair, as the name implies. In these rugs, famous antique motifs were carved to depict the southwestern culture.