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Ceramic tiles are made of clay, which is shaped into shapes, dried and then fired in an oven at high temperatures. Ceramic tile floor is a type of flooring that is made of ceramic. It is widely used for bathrooms, kitchens and clay chambers because of its excellent ability to; Resistant to water damage, is virtually rust-free, does not emit a dangerous and unpleasant odor and is free of other microorganisms. To get a natural-looking stone floor with a minimalist care and extremely good performance of your home floor, ceramic tile flooring should be considered.

Ceramic tiles can be made in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs and textures. They are calibrated to achieve a uniform appearance of the floor. Ceramic tiles reflect the real feeling of stone and other materials such as slate, marble, etc.
Some of the types of ceramic tiles are:

Glazed tiles:
These tiles are, as the name suggests, glazed on the surface with liquid glass and then heated to a high temperature so that they can settle. The glaze is an authentic measure to keep the stains off the tiles. Glazing a ceramic tile also helps to play with different color schemes on the tiles. For this purpose, the tile is covered with a colored glaze before baking in an oven. This makes the paint durable and durable, leaving the tiles shiny and glossy.

Unglazed tiles:

Unlike glazed tiles, unglazed tiles do not have a shiny sheen as they are not glazed. It is the dull form of ceramic tiles.

porcelain tiles
Porcelain tiles are another form of ceramic tile. These require more time to produce because of their high-quality, refined white clay, which takes longer to bake than other ordinary ceramic tile products.

Terracotta tiles:
Terracotta tiles are the opposite of porcelain tiles. These are easy to produce low density tiles. They are fired at a lower temperature than other ceramic tiles due to their grain quality. They are usually colored reddish brown. Each tile is handmade and therefore gives them a vintage and rustic look.

Grout is a substance that is used to fill gaps between the tiles to give them a refining look. The only maintenance required for a ceramic tile floor is grout maintenance. The mortar should be cleaned regularly to prevent its erosion.

Another important consideration is to keep the furniture legs dull to avoid scratches, abrasion and wear on your ceramic tile floor.