TIGERWOOD by GIO in Natural

An enduring porcelain tile that captures the varied graining, rings, and wavy wooden hues of a revered Brazilian hardwood species, in plank sizes for flawless installations

Tigerwood is undoubtedly an exotic wood species that has a beautiful pattern of cherries. The deep orange / reddish background, which is accompanied by dark vein bands, looks dramatic in the interior. The wood is not only exotic, but also durable.

Properties that make tiger wood floors desirable

Tigerwood is quite heavy and dense. It is resistant to rot and putrefaction by nature and does not promote the growth of fungi and mold. This makes Tiger wood floors very popular. It is also used for veneers, furniture works and other wood projects. Tigerwood offers a wide range of stripes and colors. The stripes vary from bold strokes to fine lines. The color varies from light brown to light orange. The surface appears shiny. Tiger wood floors are very durable. It resists traffic wear and bumps.

Working with Tiger Parkettverlegung

Laying tiger wood floors is moderately difficult using hand tools. The blades can wear out quickly and it is therefore important to choose carbide tips. Pre-drilling is crucial when nailing and screwing Tigerwood. Sanding becomes a challenge with Tigerwood.

For large scale applications, professional preparation should be preferred. The seal can be made if you want durability. Preservatives are not needed for tiger wood floors. The color deepens with time, and it depends entirely on the amount of sunlight the wood receives. This emphasizes the grain of the wood and increases its luster over time.

Moisture measurement for floor coverings

For floor applications, the wood is dried. It is important that it maintains a natural balance. This is called equilibrium moisture content. In order to measure the moisture content of the wood in front of the flooring, a wood moisture meter must be used. Tigerwood products give the interior a dramatic flair. With appropriate moisture balance, this soil will last for several years. When it comes to tiger wood floors, there is not much to maintain.

These look beautiful for years and with a little care, the floor would last forever. Tigerwood is an ideal choice for flooring for several reasons. The properties of the wood make this flooring desirable. These offer a wealth of benefits and are therefore desired by many.