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Interested in installing cheap hardwood flooring? You definitely want to read this post first! Learn about types of hardwood flooring, what utility grade flooring means, the pros and cons of working with cheap hardwood flooring and pick up some tips and tricks for installing cheap hardwood flooring! #hardwood #hardwoodflooring

Hardwood floors are a classic piece of flooring that gives your home a natural look. It gives your home ambience uniqueness and gives your interior a sophisticated look.

Hardwood floors are something of an expensive value and great care is required to lay them. Mostly a professional hand is required to lay hardwood floors, but if someone who is not even professional and still wants to lay a hardwood floor himself and is competent enough, laying hardwood floors is no big deal.

If you follow the instructions below, anyone can be an expert at laying hardwood floors. But keep in mind that cleanliness and expertise are the key to a refined hardwood floor.


Before installing a hardwood floor in your home, the following tips must be followed:

Installation must be done via class

-The wood to be laid as flooring must be placed in the room 5 days before installation at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees.

-Equipped with all necessary tools

- For the laying of hardwood floors, a jack of all trades is required

- There must be a suitable surface on which the wooden floor should be laid

- Use the nail guns with sufficient care

Knee pads must be used to prevent knee injuries


  • Nail set
  • hammer
  • drilling machine
  • Inch of tape
  • Jamb saw
  • broom
  • chalk line


  1. Make perfect marks on the floor by covering the floor with felt paper. Mark the position of the floor beams.
  2. Drill the first and last row of floors. Drill 1/16 "diameter holes for the nails.
  3. Attach the first board to the layout line while attaching a ¼ inch spacer to the adjacent wall. The floor nails must be 5d or 6d through the guide hole.
  4. Now lay down the other boards one after the other. Put the end and the groove together and make a tight seam by pushing them together. To lay hardwood floors, you must drive along the row until you reach the other end. Now cut off the last end and leave a distance of ¼ inch.
  5. The next step is to lay the floor with the appropriate shade and the right size of wooden boards. Install the next rows in succession.
  6. Go into the ground with a nailer and make sure that there are bent boards. Cut and nail the last row to be fastened and then adjust the board cutting board on the adjacent wall.